~~~~~~~~2 New CDs Released August 2016~~~~~~~~

“Inscriptions of Tawonga Cemetery Headstones 2007”

“Small Cemeteries Around the Albury and Wodonga Areas”

CDs are Word and Excel compatible.

Cost: $20 each CD plus P&P:

P&P: $5 for 1 or 2 CDs.  $10 for 3 or 4 CDs.

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Date:          Saturday 1st September 2018

Venue:     Felltimber Community Centre

Subjects:   To be advised

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Upcoming Meetings (7.30pm). Third Tuesday of each month at Felltimber Community Centre.


20th February 2018:      Ryerson Index – Janette Griggs will tell us about this useful tool.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Did you Know? – Accessing current Australian Electoral rolls.  Short information  session by Janette Griggs.

20th March 2018:   Guest Speaker:  Jenny Harkness will talk on the latest in Family Search.                                     

Did you Know?–  “What happened to Cyndi’s List  ??????”.  Short information session by Bob Cousins.

17th April 2018:    Guest Speaker – Jillian Kohlhagen – CSU Archives Wagga Wagga.                                                           

Did you Know ?– Free BMDs, FreeCEN, FreeREG. How can this site help you etc ? Short information session by Wendy Cooksey .

15th May 2018:   Guest Speaker, Mandy Vaccaro from the Albury Library Museum.  Relevant family history holdings and their access.  What the library card entitles you  to use

Did you know? What is in the WFHS library.  Short information session by Lyn Larkin.

Thursday 17th May: Morning meeting in the room adjacent to our library.  11am to 1pm.  Bring along a cuppa and lunch if you wish.

19th June 2018: Guest Speaker, Denise Osbourne. “Jindera’s 150th Aniversary”

Did you know? –  Google and the net and a whole lot more.  Short information session.

Thursday 21st June:  Morning meeting in the room adjacent to our library.  11am to 1pm.  Bring along a cuppa and lunch if you wish.

17th July 2018:    Susie Zada, speaking on Australian Wills and Probate Indexes.

Did you know?  Roots Chat.  Short information session by Barbara Baxter.

Thursday 19th July: Morning meeting in the room adjacent to our library.  11am to 1pm.  Bring along a cuppa and lunch if you wish.

21st August 2018: Jenny Higgins from HAGSOC speaking on “Digging into Trove”

Did you Know?-  Genealogical magazines currently available.  Short information session by Lyn Larkin.

Saturday 1st September: Seminar at Felltimber Community Centre.  Details to be advised.

18th September 2018:   Members’ Brick Wall session.  Bring along your brick wall and see if our members can point you to records that will smash it down for you.

Did you Know? – Find-a-Grave. Short information session by Pat Hopkins.

16th October 2018:  Ann Copeland –” State Library of Victoria – Family History Collection”

Did you Know? -Legacy Free Webinars.  Short information session by Jenni Manguy.

20th November 2018:  Show and tell photos.  Bring along a photo from your family history and tell us all about it.

Did you know? – Rootsweb Mailing Lists. short information session by Wendy Cooksey.

18th December 2018:  Christmas party.  Details to be advised.










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