Townsend Trophy

The Townsend Trophy is a competition held every two years in memory of Gwen Townsend, who was one of the first members of our society. Its aim is to encourage members to shape their family history research, with a structured outcome.

The Townsend Trophy used to be presented to the winner to hold until the next competition. This meant that very few people got to actually see it. From 2005 it will be displayed in the Library.

Result 2019:  Maureen Cuskelly, highly commended

Winner 2017:  Glynn Brown

Winner 2015:  Wendy Cooksey

Winner 2013:  Glynn Brown

Winner 2011: Wendy Cooksey

Winner 2009: Heather Lauritzen

Winner 2007: Heather Lauritzen

Winner 2005: Wendy Cooksey

Winner 2003: Beverley Bragge

Winner 2001: Glynn Brown

Winner 2000: Dawn Williams

Winner 1999: Heather Lauritzen

Winner 1998: Bonnie Cooper

Winner 1997: Bonnie Cooper

Winner 1996: Wendy Cooksey


1    Entrant must be a financial member of the WFHS Inc.

2    Entrants may enter subsequent years featuring a different story.

3    Examples of the subjects the entrant may wish to include are:

Occupation; tragedy/happy event; migration; life story; maps; dates and events

Each entry must include:

1    A story of between 2000 and 2500 words.

2    A four generation chart indicating the person/s featured.

3    An explanation showing the entrant’s relationship to the person/s featured, in either chart form or written.

4    Copies of written proof from the entrant’s research to show how connections were made.

4    A list of proof documents

5    A title page including:

  1. Title of story.
  2. Entrant’s name.
  3. Year of entry.

6        A maximum of 3 photos/pictures may be used to enhance the    entry.   These can be of a church, a building a ship etc.

 The preferred order in which to put together the entry is:

  1. Title page
  2. Acknowledgements, if needed.
  3. Family history chart.
  4. Entrant’s relationship explanation/chart.
  5. Story.
  6. List of proof documents.
  7. Copies of proof documents.

 Please note: index, footnotes and/or table of contents may be included,

but are not required.

Entries should be submitted to the Honorary Secretary in a folder by the end of May, with the winner being announced at the August meeting.

Entries will remain the property of the WFHS Inc.

Copyright remains the property of the writer.