Wayne Bedella Award

This award is dedicated to the late Wayne Bedella, a long time member who held several positions including President. He was always ready to lend a hand at anything the Society needed.

This award is in three sections, Novice, Intermediate and Open. It was introduced in 2002, is held annually and is intended to encourage family historians to write their family history. This award is in addition to the Townsend Trophy, which is held biennially.

Winners 2018:

Novice:                           No Entries

Intermediate:                Heather Touzel

Open:                              Glynn Brown

Winners 2017:
Novice:                            Heather Touzel
Intermediate:                Heather McCall
Open:                              Barry Pinkerton

Winners 2016:
Novice:                             Leanne Jenvey
Intermediate:                 Patricia Hopkins
Open:                               Wendy Cooksey

Winners 2015:                                                                                                                                Novice Section:               Norma Burrows.                                                                                 Intermediate Section:   Sue Black.                                                                                                       Open Section:                 Glynn Brown.

Winners 2014:                                                                                                                                      Novice Section:                 Fiona Lappin.                                                                                   Intermediate Section:     Graeme Rayner.                                                                                      Open Section:                   Wendy Cooksey

Winners 2013:                                                                                                                                    Novice Section:              Heather McCall                                                                              Intermediate Section:   Andy Turner                                                                                             Open Section:                Wendy Cooksey

Winners 2012:
Novice Section:                Jill Taylor
Intermediate Section:    Heather Lauritzen
Open Section:                  Wendy Cooksey

Winners 2011:
Novice Section:              Diane Boyd
Open Section:                Barry Pinkerton

Winners 2010:
Novice Section:             Bernice Burgess
Open Section:                Margaret Potter

Winners 2009:
Novice Section:            Sandra Garoni
Open Section:              Wendy Cooksey

Winners 2008:
Novice Section:           Robyn Gross
Open Section:              Barry Pinkerton

Winners 2007:
Novice Section:          Margaret Potter
Open Section:             Barry Pinkerton

Winners 2006:
Novice Section:           Andy Turner
Open Section:              Glynn Brown

Winners 2005:
Novice Section:         Margaret Scudamore
Open Section:           Heather Lauritzen

Winners 2004:
Novice Section:          Ruth Green
Open Section:            Glynn Brown

Winners 2003:
Novice Section:          Connie Pritchet
Open Section:            Barry Pinkerton

Winners 2002:
Novice Section:         Lyn Larkin
Open Section:            Dawn Williams


1. The award is open to any financial member of the Wodonga Family History Society Inc.

2. There are three sections :

Novice – for members who have not won any award for their writing.

Intermediate {previously ‘Open‘} – for members who have not won twice in this section.

  Open – for all members.  Members may enter more than one sections with the above provisos.

3.   i)   Novice – stories should be between 300 and 600 words.

ii)  Intermediate – stories should be between 600 and 1,200 words

iii) Open – stories should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words.

4.  Content is to be based on fact.

5.  The story can be autobiographical.

6.  Alternatively, entries may comprise a visual presentation using  photographs, pictures or other types of graphics.  The minimum word limit will still apply.

7.  References in the story, such as quotations, should be kept as brief as possible.  However references are not required.

8.  Entries should be submitted to the Honorary Secretary in a folder with the following written clearly on the cover:

a)  The name of the entrant

b)  The section entered (Novice, Intermediate or Open)

c)  The number of words used in the story.

9.   Entries will remain the property of the WFHS Inc.

10.  Copyright remains the property of the writer.

11.  Entries should be received by the end of May.  The winner will be announced at the August meeting.